Alumni Victorious in the OLHCA Knights' Basketball Challenge

January 15, 2023
Source: Academy Denver

For as long as there have been the Knights school basketball team and Knights alumni, there has been a Knights vs. Almuni basketball challenge.

The students, full of the energy of teenagers, look forward to the game and the prospect of showing those who came before them the talents of the new generation. Graduates reunite once more in the school colors, eager to show their underclassmen that they are not ready just yet to stand down from the challenge.

And challenge it was this year! On January 12, 2023, the Knights vs. Alumni game was fiercer than ever. The alumni, composed of recent graduates and joined by Fr. Patrick McBride, put on a wonderful show. The current Knights team, joined on court by Coach Matthew Conder, traded blows evenly with the alumni for most of the game, but were unable to prevent a small lead in the end and lost 38-47, granting the alumni their first victory over the Knights.

The night ended, after the distribution of a variety of prizes, with a rousing rendition of the school song, Non Nobis Domine, and high spirits all around.