OLHCA Kindergarteners Meet Some Exotic Animals

November 23, 2022
Source: Academy Denver
by John Ballard, 10th Grade

On November 22nd, after a change of dates because of bad weather, the Kindergarteners finally got ready for their field trip to meet some strange creatures.

Following a morning Mass, classes and lunch, the Kindergarten class piled into their booster seats to leave for their destination at the Exotic Pet Store in Parker.

Accompanied by Mrs. Ballard and Miss Cantelmi, the students played a variety of games on the way there, bonding and enjoying each other’s company. Upon arriving at the pet store, the owner, Kristin, gave the students a long tour of all the available pets, teaching them about their various origins, habitats, and strange eating habits.

The kindergartners were able to meet a bizarre assortment of animals, such as axolotls, snakes, giant iguanas, and dart frogs. One of the memorable experiences that the students had was petting an African hedgehog and a 100 pound tortise named Sally!

After touring all the reptiles, fish, amphibians, and mammals, the kindergarteners left the store with a greater love, knowledge, and appreciation for God’s creatures.