Knight of the Immaculata Magazine - Issue #32

Source: St. Isidore Church & Priory

Knight of the Immaculata No. 32 - The Church teaches us to invoke Mary as Mediatrix of all graces.

This title summarizes what the Blessed Virgin is for us, in our relations with her beloved Son: the Mediatrix of grace, of mercy, the treasurer of all the graces which Jesus merited for us.

As Mediatrix, Mary also leads men to Jesus by teaching them the way to her Son and by showing them how to please Him. We are always poor little children incapable of making presentable gifts to God, but Mary our Mother, with maternal delicacy, arranges and embellishes our gifts, our acts, our prayers and sacrifices, and offers them with her own hands to her divine Son.

Find the following articles in this edition of the "Knight":

6 - St. Maximilian about the mediation of Our Lady
9 - The Immaculata — the Mediatrix of Graces
14 - Heaven opened by the practice of the Three Hail Marys
17 - Devotion of Three Hail Marys
18 - Is it the Power of Three Hail Marys?
20 - Testimony of a Knight — A Miraculous Medal UNDER the mattress
22 - Many Knights after recollection days
24 - Singapore and Malaysia — second part of the Asian Journey
27 - M.I. Embassy to Australia and New Zealand
29 - The M.I. Apostolate in Tenerife
30 - The M.I. Apostolate in Peru
31 - Progress in District GB & Scandinavia
32 - The M.I. channel in Youtube
33 - More and more the M.I. Corners
34 - New Polish publications
35 - About the Militia Immaculatæ