OLHCA 2nd and 3rd Graders Visit the Museum of Nature and Science

Source: Our Lady Help of Christians Academy

On Wednesday, January 31st, the 2nd and 3rd grade classes embarked on an exciting field trip to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Organized by Miss Zanger and Miss DeLallo, this field trip’s aim was to teach students about nature and wildlife.

The students attended the 8:00 AM Mass and then piled into cars to take them to their destination. Upon arriving at the museum, the students spent a portion of their morning engaged in an interactive exhibit that presented different animals and their natural habitats.

The main environments that they studied were the oceans, the desert, the mountains, the jungle, and the arctic. A major part of these exhibits was the impressive lineup of taxidermied animals (animals that are killed then stuffed) that the students were allowed to see and touch.

The children learned about different environments until lunch, after which they played for a while in a nearby park. They then continued to explore the museum until it was time to leave.  Before they left, however, they were presented with ‘Space Ice Cream’ from the museum’s gift shop as a treat from Miss DeLallo and Miss Zanger. The ‘ice cream’, which was not like normal ice cream, was described as being “like marshmallows, but more dry” by third-grader Ethan Conder. After a full day of exploring and learning, they got back into their cars they headed back to school.